You’ve Found Adam Burns

wind cavesHello! I’m Adam Burns, and you’ve found me!

There is a ton of world out there to experience and often that experience is better when you live through it with a buddy. I started this blog because it makes it easier to stay in touch with people I meet on the road and because the pictures make it easier to convince people to join on the next trip (that has really happened). Hopefully you’ll be one!

Need some motivation to join in? The trips have yielded many photos I’ve been glad I was able to take, but every time I come home I feel like they don’t really show you what happened. Sometimes I don’t even try to take a picture because the moment just can’t be captured. They’re enough to capture that it’s fun, but what’s out there can only really be felt when you’re in it. Still not ready? Ok fine I’ll go take more pictures and keep posting until you are.

Mostly the posts are made after the trips happen. If you want to get in on the next one, message me to see what’s in the works. By the time I post about it I’ll probably already be home. When I’m on trips, you might see updates on my Twitter or Goodreads accounts (I often read a lot on the road). Check out the links on the right ➡️

I also maintain this blog because it generates awesome new trip ideas and opportunities. Like how I ended up at Burning Man:

Adam’s buddy Kai: “Hey Adam you should come to Burning Man.”

Adam: “Hmmm, I’m not sure.”

Kai: “I read your blog. You love the desert. Burning Man is Maximum Desert.”

Adam: “Ok, packing.”

If you have an idea, send it to me! It’ll probably be an easy sell. 😎

See you on the road,



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