Failures and the Future

On the last round of trips I got to see a buddy from way back! We made it to the top of Black Butte (eagle-eyed readers may have noticed her holding a Black Butte Porter; message me to claim your prize if you did):


She convinced me to try bungee jumping. This was a bad idea. Total failure. Couldn’t do it. I took one look over the edge of that platform and my soul said “No.” If you’re not failing regularly you’re not pushing yourself hard enough, so I must have been pushing myself the right amount. Also the ground is good. I like the ground. Let’s stay on the ground.

Top respect for the folks who jumped!


On to the future! Likely I will retire this blog for a more raw photo stream. I don’t post all my photos here because some aren’t really part of a trip and I’d like to have a place to share those. Also there’s not much in these posts other than photos and the blog can be a pain to maintain.

See you on the trail,


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