The Man

Hello friends!

I got back from Burning Man over a month ago but haven’t been at the laptop much since then. A belated hello from the Nevada desert! I was pretty zonked, it was a fun but exhausting trip. It’d been almost three weeks of road trip and old friends and family by the time I got there.


Still, it was a boatload of fun. Literal boatload. There were boats. On wheels. In the desert.

Got to see several old buddies while I was there, like this guy:


One of the highlights, for me, was a pre-dawn run out into deep playa to watch an art project burn. When you’re running on the playa before the sun is up, you’re the only one running on the playa. It was a life experience.


A lot happened at the burn and it doesn’t all fit into the blog, but if you want to stand a couple beers and meet at the pub I’ll tell you the rest of the stories.

Coming soon: Joshua Tree National Park.

Also coming soon: Survival Training, Round 2; No Water Allowed.

See you in the dust,


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