Burning Eclipses

Hello Sungazers!

(Disclaimer: the picture above was taken through a very dark filter. The sky wasn’t nearly that dark to the eye.)

This year I’m going to Burning Man and because of luck my campmates are leaving from Eugene, Oregon. The 2017 eclipse was 99% in Eugene. Road trip! San Diego to Eugene, Eugene to Nevada, Nevada to San Diego.

But, before we get to that, a travel buddy from the last Nicaragua trip sent me some trip photos that were stuck in her camera while we were there! Thanks Zayda!

Love me some beach:


A good climb on a driftwood ladder up a beach cliff:


Ok, back to today and the eclipse. I didn’t see The Totality, just most of it, and what surprised me was how much a fraction of a percent of the sun really is. This is our camp staging area at 99% of total eclipse:


It looked like early evening. If I’d been driving I wouldn’t have turned on my headlights. The sun is startlingly powerful.

We leave for The Burn in three days! I’ve been away over a week and have already driven a thousand miles and visited three cities. I am ready to be at camp and partying in the desert.

Before leaving I got my desert legs back with a quick overnight in Anza Borrego:


I didn’t take the bike on the Burning Man road trip, there’s just too much gear to fit on it. On the way I got to see the family, though, and an old buddy I haven’t seen in too many years:


See you after the man burns! (And after I drive another thousand miles back home…)


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  1. Anowar ul Islam 21 August 2017 at 11:49 pm

    Adam burnsss!


    1. Have fun dude!


      1. Thanks! It’s going to be sick 🙂

        We should get a beer when I’m back (second week of September).

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