Puerto Rico, Chico

Saw the Atlantic Ocean! And also the Caribbean Sea, although only from a distance.


Made friends with a bartender at one of the best bars I’ve been to anywhere in the world. Sadly, they’re closing next week, but they have a sister bar called Aquí Se Puede in Old San Juan. If you go, say hi to Louis for me. I played chess against his co-bartender, and although I held out until the endgame, he beat me.


The friend I was with found out I didn’t like rum and started a mission to convert me. It succeeded. Louis gave us a rum from Puerto Rico that has a bad reputation as the hip flask liquor, and it’s not exported much, but all three of us stamp our approval. Try it if you go! I also brought back a bottle, so you could also visit me and I’ll share.


On the last day, my buddy Paulo and I set a record (in my mind) up the El Yunque trail.


I made a bunch of awesome friends on this trip, but I’m bad at pictures so there’s no record of some of them. Some parts of travel have to live in memories. Let’s make more memories!

See you on the next trip,


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