The Short Stories Of 2016

This year I didn’t have enough time for long adventures, so I squeezed a bunch of short ones in where I could. Today I was going back over the year and found some pictures that didn’t make it onto the blog, so here they are: The Short Stories Of 2016.

Tried to drive a Humvee:


Met Chloe Bennet and Clark Gregg, two great folks who are badder than me:


Hung out with a robot from NASA’s JPL:


Changed my name to Mike and became a helicopter pilot, until I grounded myself because of a beer:


Learned to like Scotch, especially Bowmore:


Hiked to the 200 inch Hale telescope on Palomar mountain (they let us go inside!):


Found an undrinkable drink (it is literally what it says and exactly as horrible as it sounds):


And, of course, made plenty of metal hands:


We have two weeks left! Let’s party it out.


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