Rick’s Window

While I was in Alaska this last week I stayed in a cabin built by Rick, my friend’s dad. Rick wrote a book about that cabin and how he ended up in it, and on the dust jacket of that book is a picture of him by a window. That window still exists today, and I stood where Rick stood and looked at the same land that made him leave an executive job in New York City.

I’d never do what he did, but Rick’s story inspired me. It was a privilege to look out his window. I missed him by a few years; I wish I’d met him.

Edges Of The Earth, by Richard Leo. ISBN 0-8050-1575-2.


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  1. Had to look twice at the photograph because it looked so much like the window of my cabin in Northern Alaska… But I too know how Rick felt and i too left a good East coast job to life in the wilderness of Alaska. Thanks for sharing the photograph.


    1. That’s awesome! Since you’ve moved out there, is there a mountain you’d say stands out? I still need to pick one to climb when I go back


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