A Hundred Five

Earl and I wanted to do a desert hike in mid-summer heat, and Rob decided to join up. It was over 80 at night, so we slept under the sky. This was my camp:


I saw the Milky Way for the first time, the wind was annoying but I slept anyway, and I only got bitten by one bug. We were up and packing just as the sun came up. Rob and Earl filling up on water:

rob and earl setting up

The hike went through an old sea bed and the geology was worth every drop of sweat. Rob cooling off and enjoying the view:

rob and geology

Especially the Wind Caves, looking out from their shade was the highlight of the trip (except for maybe the Milky Way). Me on the edge of a cave:

wind caves

The desert is empty in the summer, the heat keeps people out. Aside from one guy in VW Beatle built in the era when this desert was still under water we were the only three people we saw all day. Our group on the way back:

the group

The sun brought the temp up to 105, which was bad but tolerable with a light breeze and occasional shade. Even a few hundred feet of elevation gain to get to the Wind Caves took it out of us, though. Much hotter and we’d probably have pulled up in the shade until mid-day sun cooled down to evening sun.

See you in the next desert!


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