Sweating Through The Desert

The desert, this morning:

smuggler canyon

A bud from survival school and I went out into Vallecito and Anza Borrego on Friday. We stayed mostly out of trouble, aside from when I thought the route that took us through a bunch of thorn trees was the best one. He’s the better navigator between us.

Also, a pro tip from survival school: carry an antihistamine in your bag. He got stung by a random yellow jacket and has a mild allergy, but we had tablets and after a couple of those and a beer he was good to go.

survival school buddy

Yesterday the third of our group ended up driving around looking for our camp, and on the way found some college kids who’d gotten stuck in sand. He dug them out and still had time to find us before the sun went down, so we did a quick hike.

This morning we hiked through some archeological sites with relics and pictographs, but those were underwhelming. The end of the trail was the best:

adam and earl

We finished up with a trip to the remains of one man’s failed attempt to escape the city and live in the desert. It’s harsh out there, and ultimately his homestead wasn’t sustainable. This water barrel may look big (Earl included for scale), but in the desert it’s not. I took seven gallons this weekend and still had to refill.

earl at the homestead

See you in the sand!


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