Riding Passes And Banging Knees

It turns out we can’t ride the whole country in the time we have, but with some major changes we were able to do the important rides. The Hai Van Pass was what what first attracted me to Vietnam and I didn’t want to leave without riding it, but it was too far north. Not ready to give up, we shipped our bikes to a city 30km south of the pass, Da Nang, and took an overnight train to meet them. On the train Rob got in to The Pistachio Zone:

robs pistachios

Russell was happy with the rides we’d already done, so he skipped the hassel of shipping and got rid of his bike before Da Nang. He checked out the city while Rob and I rode the pass. The two of us halfway to the top:

hai van pass

The sky was clear, the air smelled like the sea, the road had every corner I’d hoped for, and there were just enough tanker trucks to keep the ride exciting. I had one of my best days on that ride.

We got rid of the bikes in Da Nang and took a short flight to Hanoi, where I’m staying in the nicest hotel I’ve ever been in:

nicest hotel

Last night Rob and Russell, who are freakishly tall, had to squeeze in at a street table for what turned out to be some excellent barbecue:

short tables

We’re taking an overnight cruise of Ha Long Bay tomorrow, then on to Hong Kong!

See you soon,


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