Blinking Hail And Wrestling Ponchos

On the ride from Da Lat to Nha Trang we found our “Oh Well” moment. That time in the trip where you’re down to one option and it’s not a good one. The mountains brought us cold, rain, fog, and a bit of hail. The cold chattered our teeth, the rain fogged our goggles so we had to take them off, the fog stopped us from seeing busses until the last two seconds, and the hail was literally in our eyes. We couldn’t ride back and there was nowhere to stop. Oh well. Coming down out of the weather a couple hours later was like milk after a habanero.

Rob tangled in a poncho:

rob tangled in a poncho Me wearing most of my clothes and still freezing:

adam in most of his clothes Rob and I getting a brew after we got down off the mountain:

adam and rob drinking The whole crew:
 That’s all I have time to show you today. More coming soon!



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