Flat Tires And Semi-Automatics

Hello from Da Lat, Vietnam!

We landed in Ho Chi Minh city four days ago and I’m posting from my phone so I can’t tell you even half of what I’d like to. I’ll fill in details later, and for now I’ll just give you the highlights.

We got bikes! Turns out taxes and such narrow down the realistic choices to wonky little semi-automatics that are fun as heck to ride: It’s easy to get a flat on these roads. Between us we had two in our second day: robs flatGetting flats fixed in the countryside is a gamble, but so far we’ve been helped by locals who knew their stuff and asked fair prices:The flats we’re minor, but on the way out of HCMC we took a wrong turn and ended up on a cars-only highway at night. We eventually found a place to pull over, but our lodging options were limited and our maps weren’t helping a ton. A local man took us in for the night and helped us find the right road the next day, which was such a great experience that I’ll tell you about it in a dedicated post. Here’s Russell packing up the next morning: russell packingWe’re taking the day in Da Lat and will be back on the road tomorrow, and hopefully at our next stop there will be a real computer so I can show you more pictures. We’ve got some great ones spread around everyone’s devices.

Happy belated Thanksgiving!


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