Six Weeks To Go And Not Dead

Went to It’s Not Dead Fest in San Bernardino yesterday and saw Reel Big Fish live! They’re a Ska band with brass and a great stage presence; can’t help but love them. Also it was burning hot. I saw some people pass out.

Reel Big Fish live

Six weeks from today we’ll be on the plane to Vietnam! We’ve got flights, visas, and the few hotel reservations we need (we’re not booking much in advance so we can rework our plans as we ride). Getting some riding practice this afternoon and hopefully buying the last pieces of gear I need, then all I have to do is pack!

Planning this trip was complicated; we all agree easily but we started with just “let’s ride across Vietnam” and it was a pain to keep three people in contact about each detail. We met up to review the route, we had two email threads to reserve hotels, another for visas, etc. Next time I’m planning the whole thing in advance and then having each person review it to chip in any cool ideas they have. I think that’ll be easier.

In my next post you should be getting pictures from the saddle of a hog. See you on the road!


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