Just Bought Tickets To Vietnam!

The caravan just bought tickets! We’re three riders and we’ll be gone 22 November through 9 December. Here’s the route so far:

  • Spend a day in Ho Chi Minh getting bikes.
  • Ride out with the next day’s dawn and spend three days getting to Hoi An.
  • Rest a day in Hoi An, then ride the corners and switchbacks of the Hai Van Pass.
  • Ride to Ha Long city in however many days it takes.
  • Hang out in Ha Long for a few days to explore the bay, lose the bikes, etc.
  • Fly out of Hanoi for a couple days in Hong Kong, then fly home.

Here’s a picture of the Hai Van Pass so you’ll know why it gets its own bullet point (from gotravel-vietnam.com):

hai van pass

The route is flexible, on trips like these you end up adjusting it based of what you learn while you’re there. Along the way I plan to drink snake-bile vodka, burn off some taste buds with the local peppers, and crack open a coconut for a friend who’ll be back in the states.

See you in Southeast Asia!


P.S. For motivation to get in on future rides, check out Long Way Round and Long Way Down.

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  1. Massive envy! That looks like a beautiful road! 🙂


    1. I’m taking a better camera this time and there’ll be plenty of pictures coming 🙂


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