Vietnam 2015

Two friends confirmed for Vietnam! Another two are likely to join but need to sort a few things out before they can commit, which puts our caravan at three to five bikes. My worry when I started planning was finding other riders, and I’m pumped to have so many in just the month and a half since Nicaragua.

We’re waiting on tickets and visa applications until next month so we’ll have time to finalize dates with our jobs, but today I applied for a new passport and got my International Driving Permit. This is happening.

vietnam route fake

A Made Up Route On Google Maps

We’re riding from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, which is only six or so days in the saddle. We’ll break it up into eight or ten days, and some of us are likely to stay after. I’d love to boat Halong Bay.

Will you be in Southeast Asia this fall? Do you want to be? Get in touch! (nudge Kelsey)

Want to know how I decided on this trip? Check out Top Gear Season 12 Episode 8.

Love you!


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