Adam On A Runway

My buddies from the Nicaragua trip (see Biking Bros) sent me some extra pictures of our adventure!

We were riding around Ometepe when we saw a landing strip in the distance. “Well”, I thought, “the road must detour to take us around it.” It didn’t (the mountain in the background is the volcano we hiked the day before):

nicaragua runway

Only distantly wondering if we’d get shot by the guard with the machine gun, I figured, “Whelp, the gate is open and there’s a rope fence that will surely protect us from landing aircraft. It’s probably ok.” I rolled a bit off the throttle to avoid looking like I’d just stolen something and plunged on (wearing the super cool helmet they gave me, which blew off if I went over 50kph):

adam on a runwayNever though I’d find myself looking down the length of a runway from the wheels of a motorcycle, and I gotta say it was one of the better parts of the trip. I was so tempted to break through the rope and see how fast at time I could set from end to end.

I’m a bit behind on Vietnam planning, but I expect to be finalizing it sometime over the next month.

Safe travels!


P.S. The guard with the gun turned out to be possibly the world’s most bored human being. Poor guy’s job was to stand and do nothing all day in boiling heat wearing long sleeves and boots.

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