Volcano Boarding And Gringo Prices

My Dutch friend sent over the volcano boarding pictures – Thanks Paula! Here’s one of riding down Cerro Negro on a plywood toboggan (I think I’m the one on the right but it’s hard to tell with the distance):

volcano boarding looking down

My board pulled to the right (there was a torn piece on the bottom), so I had to use an arm and a leg to even it out. Here’s me demonstrating how cool I look doing that ballet act:

volcano boarding ballet act

In Nicaragua you train a habit of watching for the handful of places that’ll charge foreigners five times what they charge Nicaraguans. It becomes part of your routine and you forget you’re doing it.

Night before last I was in a burger shop in San Diego getting a patty and a brew. While working out the tip I noticed the beer was $6. I was getting ready to go off at the bartender about how I’m not paying the Gringo Price when I realized where I was. $6 is cheap for a beer in a restaurant in San Diego. In Nicaragua you shouldn’t pay more than $1.25. Sometimes the restaurant will have a dirt floor, but I’ll take it; a dirt floor and a $1 beer are my kind of night.

Info on the Vietnam trip coming soon!


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  1. $1 beer?? I’m jealous. You can probably get a BudLight diluted in water with $1 here in San Diego.


    1. Haha, true. To be fair to San Diego, Nicaraguan beer is pretty similar to diluted Bud Light. When it’s boiling hot that’s all you want.


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