Dark Beer And Embarrassing Americans

Wheels down in the USA today, and it feels great. Like all cultures, mine is riddled with flaws. Still, I’ve had a load of fun here and it’s a treat to come home. Walked straight to a pub at the airport and sucked down a couple dark beers while waiting for my next flight. Nicaragua has no dark beers (one of its two flaws, the other being aggressive taxi drivers). It was a long dry spell.


While I was in Nicaragua I met loads of people, but almost no Americans. As a country, we don’t do much backpacking. Also, international opinion of Americans is pretty low. I sat next to a German girl on a bus in Nicaragua, and when I told her where I was from she said, “That’s ok, I like you anyway.”

Having done some traveling, I can understand the feeling. American folks like my biking bro in Ometepe are awesome, but those often aren’t the Americans who travel. The ones who travel are like the group that invaded the last hostel I stayed in; loud, won’t talk to anyone outside their group, and mostly drunk. Most Americans aren’t like that! I wish more of us traveled, especially outside resorts, so the rest of the world could see who we really are. America is huge and there are all kinds of people here. The few you meet abroad aren’t a great view of our country. If you’re not American, come to San Diego! Me and my guys will show you an America you’ll probably never see abroad.

Love you!


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