The Lagoon Of Change And A Birthday


Nicaragua is a beautiful country, and the Nicaraguan people are among the friendliest I’ve met. Although I have only a handful of Spanish words, many of them have helped me bumble through their country. A taxi driver came back after he realized I’d asked him to take me to the wrong place, drove me to the right place, and refused extra money. A local who saw me retracing my steps beckoned me over to help me find where I was on the map. A guy on a motorcycle gave me a lift to the bus stop on a deserted road in the blazing sun and wouldn’t let me pay him. You should come here for sure.

Still, ever since that motorcycle ride around Ometepe I have had dreams day and night about getting back on two wheels. I’ve planned for some years to motorcycle the length of Vietnam and after almost a month in Nicaragua I’ve decided to use the rest of my travel budget to do it. I got the break I came for and I’d much rather go do the thing I’m pining for than continue to chill on a trip that, in my heart, is over.

Based on the advice of an Australian I met here who has done a motorcycle tour of Vietnam, plus what I read in a guide book a while ago, I’m going to set the trip for later this year, probably November. Between now and then I’ll work in San Diego and take a couple awesome trips around the US.

Unexpectedly, my birthday is about 30 hours after I get back to San Diego, so if you’ll be in town I’ll be doing a little something either on the 26th or 27th of March, 2015. I’ll bring a slideshow of my Nicaragua pictures and my pretty face, but since I’ll still be living in a hotel the rest of the accommodations are up to the pub staff. Be there!

As a parting gift from Nicaragua, here is a picture of the Masaya Lagoon and its volcano:

masaya lagoonAnd a church that had some really excellent music:

paroquia san juan bautistaThe picture can’t capture the music, but hopefully your imagination of it will give you another reason to come to Nicaragua so you can experience what this blog can’t give you.

Safe travels!


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