Yes Please Crunchy Taco

Although a backpacker here is rarely short of friends (I’ve only gone out alone twice), I ended up at a deserted hostel in Masaya today and I find myself with some downtime. Using it to post some of my backlog of photos for you. I call this collection, “Signs that you’re in Nicaragua.”

English that is as lovably unpolished as my Spanish:


Sleepy, entirely unagressive strays:


Beaches under calmly cloudy volcanoes:


Europeans (like these two of my travel buds):


And churches. Lots of churches:



Can’t wait to see you!


P.S. I bought a hammock today at the “hammock factories” (Nicaraguan Spanish for “two streets of little shops where they make hammocks”). It’s beautiful. I’m hanging it in my next apartment, deposit be damned.


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