A Transient In León

Made my way up to León for Volcano Boarding, which was fun but disappointingly short. We only got one run, when I’d have spent the day hiking back up and boarding down if they’d have let me. Forgot my camera but a Dutch girl got some pictures on hers that she said she’d send me when she gets home next week. I’ll post them when they come in.

León was too hot. I couldn’t drink water fast enough to deal with it and had a couple rough afternoons and evenings. By the numbers it wasn’t too bad but there was no breeze and the air was muggy; I think the humidity was high. Got out the day after boarding to get away from it. Before I left, that Dutch girl and her sister and I all visited a street festival:


And the rooftop of a church, where there was a great view of the city:


It was the right decision to do this trip in hostels. You meet a hundred people and you have great times together. But, you also have to say a hundred goodbyes. If there is a downside to hauling a backpack through a chain of hostels it’s the transience of friendships.

Check back soon for pictures of salty beaches!

Love you,


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