Biking Bros

Hello friends!

My Spanish is coming along well. For example, in San Juan Del Sur I learned that in Nicaraguan Spanish, “shuttle to the festival” means “pickup truck bed full of gringos”.

Met some dope Canadians in SDJS and did a Shot Ski with them. Me on the right:

shot skiDid some mostly miserable mountaineering up Volcan Conception, it was so cloudy that you can hardly see us in our victory photo, but it was entirely worth it. Krister, that counts as a legs day against The Agreement. Took almost eight hours to climb the thing, even though our group kept a good pace. Me second from the left:

volcan conceptionRented dirt bikes with an awesome couple from the US and cruised around Ometepe. Me on the left with my new biking bro:

biking brosWe stopped at a huge waterfall, and after a rough ride up what would be called a “road” in Nicaraguan Spanish, we had to do some more hiking. Still sore from the Volcano hike the day before, I nearly died. Me after not dying:

ometepe waterfall Love you!


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  1. I somehow feel my life is much less exciting right now. My excitement for the day has been working from home and getting a buncha shit done with cloudformation and troposphere which, while fun “shot-skis” sounds like a much better time…


    1. The part I left out was the contents of the shots. “Rum” is another word I’m learning doesn’t mean quite the same thing in Nicaraguan Spanish. You’ll live longer with Troposphere. I admit, though, it would be more fun if you were down here. Buy a plane ticket! 🙂


  2. […] buddies from the Nicaragua trip (see Biking Bros) sent me some extra pictures of […]


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