Travel Tips From The Bearded Monkey


Met some cool Swiss folks (well, technically one is from Singapore but he’s living in Switzerland) in Managua and ended up heading to Granada with them. Here’s the Granada church and the heads of two of my new friends:

church in granadaKicked it in a hostel near the lake for two days, but this morning I switched to The Bearded Monkey. They have laundry, which is good because my laundry bag was about five pounds of clothes and ten pounds of accumulated sweat (turns out Nicaragua is hot). The Monkey has some great art:

bearded monkey artAnd hammocks under what I think is a lime or lemon tree:

bearded monkey courtyard

Some Travel Notes For Nicaragua

  • There are Internet cafes all over Granada. I paid about 5 Cordobas for about 20 minutes.
  • Granada has a gym. It’s called Pure, and the equipment is old but serviceable. They have a bench, a squat rack, some cable machines, a preacher bar, and some situp benches and such. Drop in rate is 140 Cordobas. They have a changing room, lockers, and towels.
  • Lots of places accept US dollars but not if they’re even a little marked, torn, or worn. Cordobas are easier to use.
  • Avoid restaurants with ‘American food’ first on the menu or sign, they are usually more expensive even if they also serve local food. You shouldn’t pay more than 100 or 150 Cordobas for dinner. Beer should be about 30 Cordobas.
  • Riding the bus is easy and unbelivably cheap (less than a dollar from Managua to Granada), but the Managua bus stop is an adventure in shouting and dust.
  • There are a ton of European tourists, and it’s pretty easy to make friends with someone who speaks at least a little English and a little Spanish. Besides teaching myself to count to twenty in the airport and figuring out from a train station sign how to say ‘left’ and ‘right’ I don’t speak Spanish, but I’m getting around fine.
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  1. Nica nica is one of my faves!


  2. paulcollinsiii 8 March 2015 at 3:46 am

    Did some quick math (aka googling). A beer is 30 Cordobas you say. That’s like just over a buck. Does that mean every hour is happy hour? Think about your workouts man! How are you going to live up to The Agreement if you come back with ripped arms but beer gut.


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