Mango Trees And The Agreement

An Introduction For Everyone Who Isn’t Krister

Back in San Diego I had a lifting buddy, and his name was Krister. We kept each other on track at the gym. He moved two days before I turned homeless, but on the way out we made An Agreement: Krister keeps up with the workouts I do on the road or I fly to his house and shame him in front of his newborn son. This post is the first installment on my half of The Agreement.

Also, here is a picture of a mango tree. I slept most of yesterday in a hammock under that tree, and I can tell you that hammocks under mango trees are some of the best places to sleep.

mango tree

Work It, Krister

Well K-man, I did the trip’s first workout today. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Pushup ladder: 1, rest 1, 2, rest 2, up to ten. Rest 90 seconds, then from ten back down.
  • Resistance band hooked on bed leg, lift up and press together. 5 x 12.
  • Resistance band hooked behind, then press forward. 5 x 12.
  • Those rotating pushups I showed you once. Legs wide, take chest on a curved path toward the ground and then up into what amounts to a seal stretch. Reverse the motion to get back to starting position, and then you’ve done one count. 2 x 8, 2 x 6, 1 x 4.
  • Tricep dips on the edge of the bed. 3 x 30.
  • Crunch set. Forward x 50, left x 50, right x 50.

Miss you buddy!


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  1. I’m on it! Glad you made it down safe, bro.


  2. Did the mango tree wake you up by dropping said mangos on you?


    1. Haha I was worried about that. I woke up staring into the barrel of a loaded mango gun, but fortunately nature decided they weren’t ripe enough to fire.


  3. […] us in our victory photo, but it was entirely worth it. Krister, that counts as a legs day against The Agreement. Took almost eight hours to climb the thing, even though our group kept a good pace. Me second from […]


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