Central America March – May 2015

I leave San Diego in two weeks! I have a three-month, round-trip ticket to Nicaragua, but I’m planning to visit Costa Rica and Panama while I’m there. During Semana Santa places fill up so I reserved a hostel for it, but other than that I only booked my first two days in Managua. One of my lifting buddies and his wife have spent a lot of time in Central America and they say it’ll be easier and more fun to book lodging as I go.

Originally I’d planned to take my laptop so I could work on my projects, but then I caught myself thinking, “What would I do with myself if I didn’t take it?” That’s a great reason to leave it behind. Instead I’m taking a notebook, a small text on Thermodynamics, and a couple novels. A buddy is accepting bets on whether or not I’ll actually read the Thermodynamics book – the odds were three to one against last time I checked. I’m taking a barebones iPad (no movies, music, etc.) so I can keep updating this blog.

I’m packing light and staying mostly in hostels. It’s cheap, easy to set up, a great way to make new friends, and flexible. If I book a hostel and never show because I met some folks on the way and we decided to go somewhere else, it won’t cost much.

See you in Central America!


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