Adam’s Guide To Portland, Oregon

Good evening, readers!

Two of my friends from San Diego are moving to Portland, Oregon (hello two friends!) and so I thought I’d point them and all of you toward the best places I’ve found there so far. I seem to be in Portland at least a few times a year, so if you’re ever out there get in touch. We can get Stumptown.

My favorite places:

  • Le Bistro Montage. Great mac and cheese. Ask to get your leftovers packed to go, they’ll wrap it up in tinfoil that they sculpt into an animal (I got a squirrel). Pretty awesome.
  • Aunt Tille’s Deli. In the top floor of a building stuffed with little antique shops, Aunt Tille’s makes one hearty deli sandwich. I love a good sandwich, and Auth Tille does some of the best. Check out the antique shops while you’re there, it’s a big basement shared by small vendors so there are a lot of people sourcing lots of cool stuff.
  • Rheinlander. I never would have thought “German” when thinking of a new cuisine to try, but then I’ve always been an incorrigible goober. German food is delicious! Rheinlander proves it.
  • Bagdad Theater And Pub. Modern, quality movie theater built inside what I think used to be a theater-like-they-had-before-movies. Also a pub. A McMenamins pub. Saw Captain America there last weekend and it was awesome. Can’t beat it. Plus it’s cheaper than any movie theater in San Diego and the coffee shop next door is serving Truth And Justice:Truth And Justice Coffee
  • Down To Earth Cafe. Friend took me there last weekend for breakfast. I loved it, and I have high standards for breakfast. I recommend either the NorthWest Scramble or the Greek Scramble.
  • Tea Chai Te’s Sellwood Caboose. It’s a caboose. And a tea shop. They have couches inside and gnomes outside. It’s the kind of place to go when you have time to spend and you want to spend it somewhere neat (your drink might take a while).
  • OMSI. This made my childhood excellent. They attract world-class displays (BodyWorks, for example), they have a huge, domed, IMAX theater, and they have a submarine. A submarine. In fact, the very submarine that was used in The Hunt For Red October. You can go inside it.

See you there!


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  1. Your two friends thank you! Can’t wait to get there & try your suggestions. When are you coming to visit?! We are driving today & tomorrow…


    1. You’re welcome! I just got back from a quick trip up there, so it’ll probably be some months before I head that way again. Need to let my rewards points re-accumulate. 🙂


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